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Why dedicated team is the right choice for you?

When you don't want to hire permanent resources, you can rely on our dedicated resources to either work as an independent extension or as part of your existing team.

Full service Teams:

  • Not looking to build a complete software department but need tech resources on demand.
  • Offers a complete setup where you get access to the best tech and management talent (developers, UI/UX experts).

Perfect for:

  • Developing new company without existing it team
  • Developing new product and need to ad more value in your team

Extension of Existing Teams

  • Perfect solution when your current project initiatives need a few additional dedicated specialized resources.
  • Our expert team members will consistently and cost effectively fill the gaps in your project needs.

Perfect for:

  • With their own in-house IT teams and established processes.
  • That require extra resources to satisfy ad-hoc demand.
  • Looking for resources experienced in latest technologies or domain-specific expertise.

1. Running your business is not an easy task and you always have to be prepared for new difficulties. What is even more difficult is to set a game plan for new fields and cutting-edge technologies. And without software development, your business is not going to grow. That’s why we want to share with you some information on how to overcome this modern challenges and raise the bar with the help of dedicated software development team.

2. High attrition of developers and consultants Developers lack familiarity with your business Needs formal specs for fixed price project Talking to the intermediary managers Limited feedback along the project Low engagement of offshore team Hidden costs Complex pricing and conditions That are risks of IT outstaffing. But they appear only if your software development team is not considered as a reliable partner. And Elevate offers you one of the best dedicated software development teams in Bulgaria!
Where to get lacking major tech skills?
We know that you want to work with dedicated software teams that have a proven reputation, and that has continued a commitment to providing excellent service. In every stage, our competence can provide you with the assurance of being able to yield the best outcomes.

3. How to fit the scope to limited budget?
This question is a no-brainer. Outstaffing scheme is a guarantee that you only pay for the time that dedicated developers with needed tech skills spend on your project. The number of your software development team members and their specialization can vary depending on your needs. The whole team with designers and Project Manager or developers only, – you choose, but we can consult you relying on our experience and implemented projects. See and decide what you paying for and reduce unnecessary expenses.

4. How to unleash internal force for higher tasks?
Our development team provide all the conditions for your dedicated team to be productive with your project. From the other side, we provide all the necessary facilities, human resources, payroll and individual services to all our clients, ensuring our most effective partnership. That means you can focus on higher tasks and not to worry about software development.

Solution – Dedicated software development team

Reasons for software development team are clear. And now let’s highlight what it will eventually means:
  • You participate in recruitment process and make final decision
  • You decide on the salary
  • Each developer is only for you
  • Micro manage as you want or only make decisions
  • We take all the hassle and what is not covered by you
  • It is your dedicated software development team!

How to hire dedicated software development team?

Direct access to developers
In most cases, project manager moderates the whole work that ensures transparent and quality development of the project. Here in Elevate, we stand for direct communication with the developers.

Scale up and down
It’s good to have a partner who can scale up and down the number of developers across technologies.

Tech maturity
The right choice will be to find a partner who offers a full-stack option.

Agile methodology
It works better because in this case, you can focus more on the development process. The agile developers form self-organizing teams and produce prototypes as fast as possible.

Choose a dedicated development partner who has experienced best practices, has knowledge repositories and likes innovation.

L&D (learning and development)
Choose a partner who invests in regular technical training to upgrade the skills.

Our dedicated development team services are ideal for

  • Small to medium enterprise or Startup
  • Media Companies
  • Technology and innovation is in the core
  • Modern product development
  • Communicates in English
  • Has experience of distributed teams

Let`s build something great together!

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