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Why I should choose Ruby on Rails for my project


Ruby and RoR documentations are well-managed and well-written, so you won’t find any difficulty in learning it.

Reading, comprehending or writing RoR code is easy for web development professionals. Not just easy to learn, Ruby on Rail framework is developer-friendly in other ways too. It lets the coders come up with lesser and neat code, when compared to other web development options.

Another plus point of learning Ruby on Rails is its high demand, which can help developers fetch good jobs in any Ruby on Rails Development Company easily.

A Cost-Convenient Choice:

RoR is an open-source technology. Reducing the licensing needs and headache, it cuts down the expenses of running a website of it for you. This is why many startups and small businesses consider that Ruby on Rails is the best option for them.

The technology is perfect for building content management systems and e-commerce websites alongside forums and social networking websites. It makes a perfect option for running any type of dynamic portals on it. For building outstanding applications with great features and high efficiency, you can choose RoR without doubting on it at all. It will not only save you development but maintenance cost too.

Fastens Development Process

Be it an enterprise application or an e-commerce development requirement, Ruby on Rails remains the best choice of developers for some legit reasons. Reasons, obviously, are – Speed, which can be achieved while coding in it, and its efficiency.

Developing a project using RoR takes lesser time as compared to other programming languages. It could be as less as 50% of the total development time. It happens because you can write Ruby code faster. Also, you need to write less code to implement something using Ruby, if compared with Java, Python or PHP.

RoR does not depend on configurations, so you can work faster while using it.

Secure and Reliable

Ruby on Rails sits in the backend of dozens of successful and well-known projects such as Shopify, Zendesk, SoundCloud, CrunchBase, and Airbnb. These companies are using RoR for years, proving that the technology is reliable for your project too. It is used in building dynamic web portals due to its robustness.

RoR uses REST API which makes developers use standard protocols for their web apps, in order to keep them secure. Its quality & security assurance process comprises multiple security and inject- related checks. Automated testing and neat code are a few more causes behind RoR’s secure code.

Maintenance is Easy

RoR is well-optimized for programmers. If you code in Ruby, you already know how clean code snippets it can create. Owing to this capability, RoR has established itself as a consistent and maintenance-friendly framework too.

It takes lesser time for a new developer to understand the old code or for the old developer to pick from where he left it. The benefits of this specialty of Ruby come out in the form of fast and easy maintenance of existing projects.

Suitable for Responsive and Modern Needs

RoR synchronizes well with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and other web programming or scripting languages. With it, you can get direct access to code or scripts written using these languages. Therefore, you can run the development and designing tasks in a well-collaborated manner. It simply means that developing modern, responsive and elegant RoR applications is always possible.

Clean, Reusable and Extensible Code

  • We have told it above too. Code, written on Ruby on Rail Framework projects, is well-optimized. A Ruby on Rails Development Company can write smaller codes while doing more, if using RoR. It helps the developers come up with clean and extensible code, which could be easily maintained in the future.
  • Even if you are planning to modify and extend the capabilities of your web app in the future, RoR will let you do so without any difficulty. Additionally, RoR has a good number of reusable code libraries which can reduce the coding time and code complexity for your projects.

Companies use Ruby on Rails for

  • Web Development
  • SaaS Development
  • Web site development
  • API Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Digital Production

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