UI/UX Product Design

UI Design

  • UI includes all of the buttons, controls, and design elements of a website or app
  • UI includes an artistic component
  • UI design is often based on patterns, estabilished best practise, and personal preferences
  • UI designers focus on the look and feel of the design. They create finished, polished designs, work on individual pages and interactiosn
  • UI designers focus on the look and feel of the design

UX Design

  • UX includes the way a user interacts with the design the user flow and the overall functionality of the website or app
  • UX focus more on the functanality and purpose of the design
  • UX design is mostly data-driven
  • UX designers focus on the people who will actually be using the design. They create wireframes and testable prototypes, work on the overall user flow of a site


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